Sideburn Magazine Issue 42

Sideburn Magazine Issue 42

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Framers, framers, framers. Framers rule. Not sure what one is? It's a flat track race bike with a specially-built chassis made just for going fast and turning left. Not a road bike frame, not a motocross frame, a framer is the purest distillation of flat track and Sideburn 42 is absolutely crammed with them. We have:

  • Greenfield George's super-lightweight Survivor KTM 250 cover bike
  • Leftie's Sudo Cycles Co-Built Rotax
  • Scott Brelsford's Champion Kawasaki H2R 750
  • Russia's only Trackmaster Triumph T120R

And all this...

  • BIKES: Survivor KTM 250; Harley-Davidson 250 SX dirt tracker; Trackmaster Triumph T120R; Co-Built Rotax; IZH Planeta Sport flat tracker; Honda 650 Thunderbike
  • PEOPLE: Larry Pegram; Dan Stanley; Scott Brelsford; Dee Johnson; Scott Toepfer; Jeffrey Carver; Lucia Vasquez
  • INTERVIEW: Larry Pegram
  • TECHNIQUE: Flat Track Geometry with Cory Texter
  • BLUEPRINT: 1974 Champion Kawasaki H2R triple
  • ARCHIVE: D's Leathers
  • PORTFOLIO: The photography of Manuel Portugal
  • EVENTS: AFT 2020 season opener at Volusia
  • DEATH SPRAY ARCHIVE: The Other Racing Line

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