Sideburn Magazine Issue 50

Sideburn Magazine Issue 50

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This is the 50th issue of Sidebrun, with a couple of special articles. First, there is a cake created by Death Spray Custom on the cover. The bulk of the content is a list of 50 things typical of the Sideburn world: bikes, people, products, businesses, ideas, places, events and more.

  • COVER: Moto Cake by Death Spray Custom
  • BIKES: Wally Brown Racing KTM 890 Production Twin; Bonzorro Triumph 500 Twin
  • PEOPLE: Sammy Halbert; Doug Nicol, Sergey Fedotov, The Mees; Chastin Brand; Ryan Roadkill, Dalton Gauthier, Greg Villalobos
  • PORTFOLIO: The photography of Drew Perlmutter
  • EVENT: The Minibike Massacre; Hell on Wheels
  • Pages 108

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