Vintage Dirt Bikes (English)

Vintage Dirt Bikes (English)

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Remember those Vintage Dirt Bikes from back in the day. The simple little Bultacos, Hondas, Yamahas, Maicos, Pentons and Triumphs? The bikes young men rode and rode and rode. If you're looking to buy one of those iconic machines, the first question is: What to bring home? Among the thousands and thousands of dirt bikes, scramblers, trials bikes, play bikes and early motocross bikes; which is the best bike to make your own?

Vintage Dirt Bikes will help you make that decision by providing information on all the most popular makes. For each bike, this book provides four to six paragraphs describing the bike in general terms. In addition, author Doug Mitchel provides the highlights for each bike, and a rating system for: Available Examples, Parts Availability, Ease of Restoration, and Final Value. This is the Buyer's Guide you need.

Gregg Bonelli, English

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